An array is a container object that holds values of a same type.
variable and array
Each item in the array is called an element. Each element has a numeric index, starting with 0. To access an element, use an index and square brackets, e.g., arr[4]. In Java, the array is an object. So, you need to create an array object.


int[] arr = null; //declares an array of integers.

arr = new int[4];
/* 4 is the size of array. 
This value is stored in the length member variable of array and never change.
All elements are initialized to 0. */

arr[0] = 1;//1st element is assigned to 1.
arr[1] = 2;//2nd element is assigned to 2.
arr[2] = 3;//3rd element is assigned to 3.
arr[3] = 4;//Last element is assigned to 4.

Using array literals can reduce this code to a single line:

int[] arr2 = {1, 2, 3, 4};
String[] arr3 = null;//declares an array of Strings.
arr3 = new String[2];//The length is fixed at 2 and all elements are initialized to null.
arr3[0] = "Java";//1st element is assigned to "Java" object’s reference.
arr3[1] = "School";//2nd element is assigned to "School" object’s reference.

Using array literals can reduce this code to a single line:

String[] arr4 = {"Java", "School"};

To use strings in Java programs

How to express the strings in Java is to create a String object from the String class. If you need the string "Hello", code it like this:

char[] arrayOfHello = {'H','e','l','l','o'};
String greetings = new String(arrayOfHello);

Java provides String literals.

String hello = "Hello"; //Here, "Hello" is a String Literal.

How to use String[] parameter in main method

public class ArrayTest {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.print(args[0] + "/");
        System.out.print(args[1] + "/");
C:\ Command Prompt

C:\javaApp>java ArrayTest 2018 12 31