The Date object allows you to create dates and access values such as year, month, day, and second. If you use the default constructor to create a Date object, the object has the system's current date and current time.

var now = new Date();
alert("Now: " + now.toUTCString());

var milliSecs = new Date(7789110879);
alert("MilliSecs: " + milliSecs.toUTCString());

var soccerDay = new Date("June 14, 2018 16:00:00");
alert("Kick-Off: " + soccerDay.toUTCString());

var birthday = new Date(1981,1,25);
alert("Birthday: " + birthday.toLocaleString());

var newYearsEve = new Date(2018,11,31,23,59,59,59);
alert("New Year's Eve: " + newYearsEve.toUTCString());